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  • People in congregational leadership positions including clergy, board/governance and committee members.

  • People with family members in interfaith marriages.

  • Parents whose children are in interfaith marriages.

  • Religious school teachers.

  • Anyone who ares about the future of their congregation.

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The Presentation Series: Community and Congregations...

Whether we like it or not, the world has changed – evidence of that change is people generally marry those with whom they fall in love. The differences in their religious and cultural backgrounds are secondary concerns for more and more young adults. The translation is that interfaith families likely are here to stay and they are likely to increase. Many of us have read reports from organizations like the Pew Foundation that lament the state of religion in our country, and the intermarriage rate among progressive Jews in particular. Christian denominations are facing the same challenges – fewer young adults are choosing to be actively engaged in the churches and synagogues they were raised in, causing concern among their parents, clergy and communities.

One statistic that is often not cited is that when children enter the picture, many of these young families feel pulled back into the traditions of their own childhood. Sometimes both parents want to make sure their children are exposed to both religions and its teachings; sometimes one is sufficient. Either way, our faith communities need to have an action plan and be ready to receive these families or they will go elsewhere. This is why you should care and be prepared. You want them to come home to you and not to another community. Interfaith Life Coaching can help you develop the tools you need to be successful in this endeavor.