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This “interfaith thing” is when two people of different religions decide to form a family. On the surface it’s a simple concept—two adults fall in love and pledge themselves to one another. It happens all the time; generally without a lot of angst, head shaking, eye rolling or drama—unless you happen to be from different religions, cultures, economic stations, educational backgrounds, etc. 

Sometimes families step in with objections and apply enough pressure that one or the other party decides s/he can’t go forward without the blessing of her/his family and backs away. In other instances the couple moves forward pushing objections aside. This is when the real work begins and this is where Interfaith Life Coaching can be of assistance. People blend traditions, cultures, and backgrounds all the time; this presentation will offer examples of how it can be done successfully as well as identify some of the pitfalls to avoid when your family is dynamics change in this manner.
  • Parents whose adult children are involved in interfaith relationships and/or marriages.

  • People who have extended family members in interfaith relationships.

  • Congregants who want to understand how interfaith marriages impact the faith community.

  • Clergy, lay leaders and religious school teachers.

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