It’s not exactly a disease, and yet we sometimes act as if someone died when breaking the news that one of our children is planning to marry outside our faith. How can we turn this around and celebrate their joy instead of mourning what we perceive to be a loss or failure on our part? How can we reach out to the soon-to-be new family member and welcome this person wholeheartedly, without reservation? What will it mean for their future and the way the rest of the family reacts, if we set the tone by being loving and gracious? What happens in families when faith traditions are lived in a positive manner instead of with recriminations and judgment? These are thought-provoking questions that will be considered in this presentation.

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  • Parents who have children who have recently announced an engagement
      and forthcoming marriage.

  • Grandparents with engaged grandchildren in an interfaith

  • Extended family who are close to the interfaith couple.

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