Interfaith Life Coaching

Interfaith Life Coaching is for couples and families who are seeking to understand and embrace elements of more than one faith tradition. The process is designed to help you clarify your values regarding faith, family and tradition. The method honors the traditions of all parties involved as they seek to focus on common ground and places where core values are aligned.

The purpose of coaching is to guide you in your journey as you seek to find balance in your interfaith relationship by learning the language and practices of a tradition other than the one most familiar to each of you. You will identify the language, practices and traditions of each faith and discern your core values which will lead to the creation of a unique path that is right for you and your family. You will bring your individual needs and values to the sessions; Interfaith Life Coaching will assist you in maximizing your strengths as you grow together in embracing your faith, family and traditions.

As your coach, I will partner with you as you discover ways of incorporating various traditions into your family, and to choose which traditions are most meaningful to each of you.

Together We Will:
Discover, clarify and prioritize core values.

Develop language specific to each partner’s faith tradition.

Build a tool kit full of resources.

Determine a course of action that is appropriate for your family.

Create and implement a plan.