In sports, the gym, and work settings coaching helps people reach their potential in a safe and organized environment. So is the journey in Interfaith Life Coaching:
  • Understand your own beliefs before exploring those of your partner.
  • Be able to teach your traditions to a partner or spouse.
  • Learn about traditions other than the ones with which you were raised.

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is coaching for you?

Interfaith Life Coaching provides a path for 

 self-discovery. We help you define your questions

 and explore your answers. We bring answers in

 the historical and liturgical aspects of beliefs, but

 also in the ways in which interpretations and

 social change have impacted what you have come

 to believe.

 This will be your own journey, but you are not

 alone in your questions and for those who are

 involved in an interfaith relationship, it is hard to

 navigate two belief systems until you fully

 understand your own.

Individuals: The Path of Self Discovery

Part of being in an interfaith relationship may involve examining your own faith beliefs and embarking on a journey of discovery of your own. All journeys begin with a first step and you have taken yours by exploring the idea of interfaith life coaching. A journey that explores your most closely held beliefs will require a willingness to untangle what you think from

beliefs with which you may have been raised.

You will begin by differentiating between needsand

values,and move on to determining your core

values and how they impact your life. Once you

have that understanding, you will begin to explore

thetraditions and practices you have grown up with,

learn about the origins of each, separate belief from

tradition, and identify those that are important to

you and fit within your core values.

You may find that there is dissonance between

what you have always practiced and what you

actually believe; you may determine that the

religion of your childhood actually fits you quite well.

You may discover some of your beliefs have a variety of interpretations which gives you the freedom to choose how and if you wish to act upon them. You

may even learn that your beliefs are traditions instead of core tenets of your religious teachings.