Proverbs 22:6 (JPS) reads, “Train a lad in the way he

ought to go; he will not swerve from it even in old age.”

Most of us have heard a version of this proverb

sometime in our life, and most faith communities take

it seriously. It is incumbent upon parents to give their

children a foundation of values and ethics. If you are

perusing this website and considering Interfaith

Life Coaching, you likely believe a faith tradition is

part of the basis for values and ethics.

Regardless of how sincere you were when making

a decision about raising your children in a faith other

than your own, the reality of having a child is very

different than the idea.You may be wondering how you

can do this when you know so little about your spouse’s



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faith, why you should be the one giving up everything that you cherished growing up, come from two different traditions.The answer is by identifying those values you have in common and using them as the foundation for your future.

Once you complete this process, you can move into the next phase and create a healthy, solid foundation of faith, family and tradition to teach your children the kind of values and ethics that you want to pass on to the next generation. In Judaism we call this l’dor v’dor—from generation to generation and it is one of the most compelling aspects of raising Jewish children. It is also one of the reasons there is so much pressure from the Jewish side of the family to raise those children in the covenant of Abraham.


In sports, the gym, and work settings coaching helps people reach their potential in a safe and organized environment. So is the journey in Interfaith Life Coaching:

  • Those planning to have or adopt children.
  • Those who have children, but are having difficulty agreeing on a faith tradition for them.
  • Those who thought this was decided pre-children, but are now having difficulty with whatever that plan had been.
  • Those feeling pressure from extended family to observe one tradition or another.

Together you will:

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Is Coaching for You?

                                Define areas where you hold common values    

                                determine what decisions you want to share with extended family

                                Learn about the differences between faith and tradition
                                Discover some of the origins of each others faith practices 
                                Begin developing a process to honor one another's traditions