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Who Should Attend

Whether you are down the street or across the country, grandparents can help set the tone for how interfaith couples will build strong families and ties with extended family.

  • Grandparents Only

The Workshop Series

 You have the most adorable grandchildren—what’s not to love about them? In your heart you know this, but your brain is telling you
there may be a problem, because you
expected your grandchildren to be
Jewish, or Catholic, or Methodist, or
Baha’i, or Hindu or.....nothing. This is
often confusing and you may be
wondering how you got to this juncture.
Turn your brain off and focus on what is
really important: how to create a loving relationship with your grandchildren.

Ultimately you want your children and grandchildren to be happy and well-adjusted. Instead of thinking about what might have been, concentrate on those areas you have in common
—— faith, family, values, and making memories together. You can’t control the "what if's", but you can control your response. Embrace your family, share your love and your traditions as you are able and let the rest unfold as it will.