Interfaith Life Coaching can offer you resources you need to build bridges within the family; there are enough issues that cause stress in our modern families and alienate people from one another.  Differences over religion should not be an opportunity for friction to flourish. Instead of thinking about what might have been, concentrate on those areas you have in common – faith, family, values, and making memories together. This is about developing a loving, nurturing relationship with your grandchildren.

You will be surprised to learn how much you can share with the next generation through your actions and daily life.

Is Coaching for you?

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In sports, the gym, and work settings coaching helps people reach their potential in a safe and organized environment. So is the journey in Interfaith Life Coaching:

  • Grandparents who want a closer relationship with their grandkids.
  • Grandparents who want to create ties with grandchildren that do not involve religious traditions.
  • Extended family members searching for ways to connect with children being raised in a tradition different from their own.
  • Extended family wanting to find ways to include children in the traditions and activities without being insensitive or confrontational.

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Grandparents & eXTENDED fAMILY

Most of us are familiar with the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child.” Today, it seems like it takes much more than a village—we need our nuclear family, extended family, surrogate families that we create where we live, friends and neighbors, and of course, our congregational families to meet the societal demands

of raising healthy children. Grandparents and

extended family are a huge, critical part of this



Knowing the difference between cultural and

religious practices, and the difference between

whatis a religious belief and a cultural practice,

may open the lines of communication and offer

a wayfor you to meet your children on neutral


This knowledge may also offer an opportunity for

you to share your cultural traditions without

treading on the choices your children have made

regarding faith practices.