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Who Should Attend?

Booking A Workshop

This workshop is designed specifically for couples in interfaith relationships. Much like the couples coaching sessions, this allows interfaith couples to explore together.

  • Interfaith Couples ONLY

The Workshop Series

Creating a loving environment in which to raise and nurture our children, embracing one another regardless of our faith traditions, developing a family within our religious community, and respecting the choices we each make sounds like the script for a Hallmark movie. That is, essentially, what it means to be exploring this path together. In this workshop participants will:

Together you will have made the decisions that will be the foundation for the future and guide you as you raise your family. You will also have a firm understanding of what you are seeking and a common language as your family grows and matures.
 Lay out what kind of environment you envision for your children     

Decide what constitutes embracing one another
Define what you mean by “family” and “religious community”    

Create a vision for the kind of community you want to develop     

Take preliminary steps to establish the structure to move forward