•  Do you have your respective family's blessings and is that even important to you?
  •  Is your extended family aware of the differences in your religious backgrounds, and is that important to you?
  •  Have either family tried to intervene in your decision to marry?
  •  Are either of you secretly assuming or hoping the other will convert?

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In sports, the gym, and work settings coaching helps people reach their potential in a safe and organized environment. So is the journey in Interfaith Life Coaching:
  • Couples moving toward marriage.
  • Seriously dating, but already wondering about interfaith differences.
  • Couples wanting to explore needs and values.
  • Couples who want to proactively plan ways to involve each side of the family on their wedding day together.

Engaged & Contemplating Marriage

Making the commitment of being a couple and moving toward marriage is an exciting time in your life. It is the beginning of a lifetime of decisions and you should not have to spend your days worrying about heartaches and strained relationships. Unfortunately, if you plan an interfaith wedding without any preparation, that is exactly what you might face. Your unbridled joy may turn to painful reality

when you discover that the boyfriend or girlfriend your parents have always

“loved” doesn’t extend to marriage.

For interfaith couples, the challenges can be very complex. You must now

negotiate how to meet parental expectations, what type of ceremony you

will have, whether clergy will officiate at the service, and if so, which one.

You must navigate the customs of your different faiths, deciding whether

they are important enough to ‘fight for’ or not.

Yes, it should be a happy time, and to help you thread your way through these issues and others that will surface in the course of planning for your wedding, Interfaith Life Coaching will be there. Knowing what you value and keeping lines of communication open throughout the process will enable you to think clearly and plan according to your wishes, not those of everyone else. Interfaith Life Coaching can assist you in balancing your core values with the wishes of your families by keeping the focus on you and your future. Sessions will focus on discovering, clarifying and prioritizing your core values, developing strategies for talking with family members about your plans, choosing service options that are right for you, and creating an action plan for your wedding day.