Designed for people with family who practice a religion different from their own, the workshop also provides guidance for the larger faith community. This workshop offers practical approaches and 'how to' ideas for creating a welcoming environment.

  • Anyone who is part of an interfaith relationship.
  • Anyone who has someone in their family who practices another faith.
  • Anyone who wants their community to be more welcoming and inclusive.

Booking A Workshop

        Some of the barriers that keep people from participating in the traditions and practices of                    the other partner's faith
            Resources that are available to assist you in creating a welcoming environment
            Programs that have been used successfully in other communities
            Fears that people have about participation in a faith community that differs from their own  
            The similarities of many of our values, ethics and traditions   
            Ways you can overcome all of the above to become one community embracing
             faith, family and tradition

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Who Should Attend?

The Workshop Series

This workshop is designed to open the doors to everyone who participates on any level in the programs and services of your congregation. That’s a pretty tall order—in fact, it’s a huge order, but if you want family members from the other side of the family to be comfortable and feel welcome, you have to create the environment. In this workshop you will learn about: