In sports, the gym, and work settings coaching helps people reach their potential in a safe and organized environment. So is the journey in Interfaith Life Coaching:

  • Married and realizing the wedding was just the beginning of a lifelong journey.
  • Couples wanting to continue to integrate one anothers traditions into their respectful family life.
  • Couples wanting to establish their own traditions around faith and religious celebrations, honoring each other with respect and love.

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While in the process of sharing, this is the time to establish your own traditions, to decide what is meaningful to each of you and which of those traditions from your individual selves will become part of your collective future. It doesn’t need to be, nor should it be, an either or situation. Instead, it should be a thoughtful process of evaluating what you believe and how you will practice each faith tradition as a couple.

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Together You Will Find Your Way

Beliefs and faith practices change over time and over life
experiences; they are part of your journey of self-discovery
and expressions of the shared history of your relationship.
Whether a couple shares a religious affiliation or not it is
helpful to find constructive ways to discuss what is important
to each of you, those practices you would like to continue,
and even to talk honestly about those practices you no
longer feel a need to maintain. With interfaith couples, it is
important to keep communication open, encouraging each
partner to ask questions about beliefs and practices. It is
important to be reminded that what may seem obvious or
natural to one, may be a foreign or even threatening practice
to the other partner. The ‘feel good’ of a menorah or
Christmas tree is a symbol of festive holidays and traditions,
not holy unto themselves, although the two are often confused.