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  • Couples who are dating and/or already engaged.

The Presentation Series: For the family and community...

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As a couple, you are pretty certain you may have found your soulmate. This person is important enough to you that you are ready to introduce them to your family. Under any circumstances you may be a little nervous about what the family will make of this relationship... whether they will approve... whether they will tease you... And your significant other is just as nervous. What does it mean to meet the family? Will they like me? Will I like them? BUT when there is this other thing. This "Interfaith Thing" there's even more reason to be uncomfortable. You know it. Your partner knows it. The question is how you will handle sharing your job and sharing the news in a positive way. These questions of interfaith in its infancy will define your relations with the potential in-laws for a lifetime. Thinking through the conversation is the topic of this presentation.