Interfaith Life Coaching enables you to identify your core values, which in turn allows you and your partner or family to create a unique path that works for all of you. 

Seeking the services of Interfaith Life Coaching is almost always due to one of two reasons:  a desire to get ahead of an event that highlights differences, or the result of an event that has produced anxiety and misunderstanding among family members. In both instances, the process for Interfaith Life Coaching is actually the same.

Interfaith Life Coaching begins with:

Those  values  we  hold  in  common.

moves with the certainty of love.

Seeks to honor our differences.

Remember s We Are All  People of God.

Interfaith Life Coaching creates a thought-provoking and respectful process with clients in interfaith relationships to clarify values regarding faith, family and tradition.

The process honors the traditions of all parties involved as they seek to find common ground and places where core values are aligned. The goal of coaching is to guide you in your interfaith journey as you learn the language and practices of a tradition other than the one most familiar.

Interfaith Life Coaching enables you to identify your core values, which in turn allows you and your partner or family to create a unique path that works for all of you. As your coach, Margaret is your guide to discover a way of incorporating various traditions into your family, and to choose which traditions are most meaningful to you. By engaging in this practice participants will:

Discover, clarify and prioritize core values

Develop language specific to each partner’s
faith tradition

Determine a course of action that is appropriate
for your family

Create an implementation plan

Each client brings unique needs and values to the sessions. This process maximizes each person’s strengths and allows for them to grow together as they embrace their faith, family and traditions.

About Interfaith
Life Coaching

Where to begin


About The Coach


Friedman Vaughan

earned her master’s in Theological Studies

from the Divinity School at Vanderbilt

University in Nashville, TN. Her degree led to

a position at Rockdale Temple in Cincinnati,

OH,where she served as the Director of

Lifelong Learning and Executive Director,

before launching Interfaith Life Coaching

in 2014. 

Her role as wife and mother impacted her

career as she and her husband navigated

the uncharted world of defining a successful

interfaith marriage and the religious home life that would raise two sons.

Margaret readily acknowledges that the ideas she and her husband shared about trying to raise children with two faiths, and then encouraging them to make their own choices were naïve. Children, they ultimately discovered, who are not taught something will generally believe in nothing. The hard work then began to honor two faiths, teach the merits of both, respect two sets of traditions and practices and develop one faith for the children. Thirty-five years later, Margaret and Willard’s two adult sons are respectful of their blended heritage, able to embrace multiple traditions and practices and completely comfortable in their faith.

Working with interfaith families has always been a high priority for Margaret—she has lived the path that so many others are traveling, or hoping to travel and she did it long before there were any resources to pave the way. Her highest priorities are guiding others in a manner that highlights their core values and allows them to structure the conversation with their loved ones. Speaking to parents about your choice in raising a grandchild in another faith is not an easy conversation; Interfaith Life Coaching can offer the tools to initiate that conversation in a way that is respectful and meaningful.

Margaret is available for people of all religious traditions; while her background is within the Reform Jewish movement, she has worked with people who are from other Jewish movements as well as those who are Protestant, Catholic, Baha’i, Hindu and Buddhist to name a few. The goal of Interfaith Life Coaching is to embrace people as they strive to find ways to include all the members of their family in their faith traditions.