The Interfaith Center




Interfaith Life Coaching offers an array of workshop topics that can be hosted in your community. Pick from the topics listed or a workshop can be designed specifically for your needs. The workshops allow groups to work collaboratively and to develop a sense of community of Interfaith families.

The heart of Interfaith Life Coaching is the individual and the families navigating the complexities of maintaining healthy relationships when religions are different. It is all about you and your family. Your individual situation. Sessions offer individuals, couples or extended family a place to develop positive communications tools, to learn about differences and to reinforce shared values.

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Interfaith Life Coaching is pleased to be a part of your conference or workshop to participate as a presenter or as a member of a panel. Presentations can also be used to provide training support for those in your community who want to work with interfaith family issues as part of an ongoing process.




We Begin by Identifying Those values we hold in common.

We move with the certainty of love.

We Seek to honor our differences.

We Remember We Are All People of God.


Interfaith Life Coaching supports the Jewish and non-Jewish family members as they explore the unique tensions that result when two faith traditions navigate life. What may have been theoretical or seemingly easy topics are now complex as couples contemplate marriage, having children, raising children and integrating the expectations of extended family.